Note: this course has now ended

A Guided Personalised Detox to help you Cleanse, Nourish and Thrive.

Take a transformational journey through the most colourful, vibrant detox experience addressing all 7 systems of health in a way that works for YOU!

Finally, a detox programme with a difference that is personalised to match your own unique circumstances that will have a lasting impact on your life.

A short quiz will show how imbalanced you are in the ‘7 Systems of Health’ and a menu of options, foods and activities to select from each day make the experience perfectly aligned to your goals and lifestyle.

Come on a journey to better understand your own health and how to improve it. Feel supported and motivated as you are guided through the process by a nutrition professional, with a new theme each day to keep things exciting and abundant.

21 Days.
7 Systems of Health.
A new theme each day.

Try the Spectrum Quiz now

The Spectrum Quiz helps you determine which areas of your health are most in need of healing. There are 7 sections based on the 7 Systems of Health and your results will show you which systems require balancing. This is the first step in personalising your programme.

Try the Spectrum Quiz

A Safe Detox with Lasting Effects

Some detox programmes are extreme, some are even unsafe, and they don’t focus on long-term change. The many detox powders and supplements available or fasting/juicing interventions only work in the short term and soon afterwards things settle back to how they were. You don’t really get ahead.

For a detox to really work it should be personalised to meet the needs of your unique biochemistry, current health situation and lifestyle. It needs to enable long-term changes that set you on a path to ever-improving health. Just cutting things out makes you feel deprived and hungry. You would be willing it to end and then revert back to old habits immediately. With this detox you won’t want the experience to end. The focus is on putting IN what your body needs, so you feel ABUNDANCE rather than deprivation.

You will add in a whole spectrum of vibrant, colourful healthy foods in a way that is fun and exciting. Foods that will help you feel nourished and energised. By focusing on what your body needs to perform at it’s best, you can let go of unhealthy habits more easily and create long-term change.

Information on how to use FOOD AS MEDICINE will empower you to take charge of your own wellbeing and inspire you to make use of the medicine cabinet of Mother Nature. 

A detox with a twist

Most detoxes only look at physical toxins. What makes this detox really stand apart from others is that it redefines ‘toxin’ as ANY barrier to your wellbeing. ANY obstacle to the life and health you truly want. The growing science of mind-body medicine is now showing a considerable interplay between our health and non-physical toxins such as stress, negative thought patterns, blocked emotions, electromagnetic stressors, toxic relationships and more. You need to look at the great big whole of YOU and bring together all these body, mind and lifestyle factors.

Nutrition is a good foundation but it is not everything. This detox moves beyond just nutrition and into NOURISHMENT. We can be nourished by food as much as we can be nourished by events, emotions, thoughts, actions and people. This detox addresses ALL these parts of you.

What benefits might you expect?

Because of the personalisation, the benefits will be different for every single person, and the testimonials below will give an idea of what to expect.

  • Physical benefits include more energy, reduced pain, better sleep, clearer skin.
  • Mental benefits include clearer thinking, better focus and improved concentration.
  • Weight loss may occur as a result of the focus on good health, although it is not the focus. 
  • There may be improvements in your relationship with food and your experience of eating.
  • Life becomes more colourful and vibrant as you bring more colour and variety into your diet.

How the programme works

Step 1. The Spectrum Quiz – find out your imbalances

First take the Spectrum Quiz to see how imbalanced you are in each of the 7 Systems of Health.

You will be invited to join the exclusive Detox Group on facebook to provide continual support and motivation between the meet-ups as you go through the programme. There will be quizzes and activities to keep the detox fun and exciting and a chance to win prizes, ask questions and join in discussions.

Step 2. Kick-off event on Monday 5th June at 7.30pm to personalise and prepare.

Here you will discover how to personalise your detox programme. Bring the results of your Spectrum Quiz and discover how to connect the dots between your results, your physical symptoms and your life challenges. You will identify your major food and life toxins and then select from the variety of options available to get the best results for you. 

Step 3. Start the 21-day programme on Monday 12th June.

You will receive an email the evening before we start each new System of Health. There are 7 Systems, with 3 days spent on each. Each system has food groups that correlate with it. For example, days 1-3 focus on the ROOT, which is our adrenal system, sense of survival and our immune system that protects us from the world around us. Our ROOT is our structure – bones, muscles and skin and is linked to protein. Conditions linked to this system are those of the immune system and structural system, including inflammatory conditions, autoimmune diseases, osteoporosis, osteopenia, arthritis and eczema. Each day also has it’s own theme, with specific activities attached. A sample day is available to download below.

There is a meet-up on Monday evening at 7.30 to check-in with everyone on Day 1 and run through the week and themes ahead. There will be foods to try, recipes to taste and a chance to ask any questions. The programme continues through each of the 7 Systems until Sunday 29th January. There will be meet-ups each Monday at 7.30 to run through the week ahead and ensure you are getting the very best out of your experience.

Step 4. Closing event on Monday 3rd July at 7.30pm.

Once you have completed the detox it can be helpful to understand reintroducing foods in a way that determines food sensitivities. If there are foods that trigger symptoms for you, then the Gold Standard test to identify them is the Elimination-Challenge diet. This involves cutting out all problem foods for 21 days and then challenging them one at a time and monitoring for symptoms. As the programme effectively eliminates the common allergenic foods for this time period, this is a great chance to carry out this test on yourself. You will get professional advice on how to do this.

You will also look at what elements of your detox experience you can take forward into long-term dietary and lifestyle changes and ensure your success continues to move you forward in reaching your goals.

Your detox host – Michaela Jezzard

Guiding you through the programme, Michaela is a highly-qualified, award-winning, Registered Nutritional Therapist trained in the principles of Functional Medicine – an approach that looks to the root cause of illness and corrects the imbalances that drive disease. Michaela is able to advise you on your particular health concerns and any medications and supplements you may be taking.

The 7 Systems of Health and Whole Detox were developed by Dr Deanna Minich in the US. Dr Minich’s latest book ‘Whole Detox’ is highly recommended to maximise this experience and available on Amazon. Michaela trained in the principles of the 7 Systems of Health under Dr Minich and has run through the 21-day programme 4 times with Dr Minich and the international community and been one of Dr Minich’s Teaching Assistants on her course. Michaela is very excited to be bringing this wonderful opportunity to the local community here in the UK.


‘This is an inspirational detox and has been an amazing experience. The meals are delicious and, despite cutting out all the most inflammatory foods, I have never eaten such a variety of food before. But this detox is so much more than the food. The flexibility to do as much or as little as you choose is fantastic – you have full autonomy over your experience and can go as deep as you desire into each aspect. If you are feeling lost in any area, this will set you back on track. I feel as if my mind and body have been reset, and excited about what I can work on and develop ongoing. The support and information you receive is substantial, particularly as Michaela is very knowledgeable and there is extra support from other experts. I didn’t want this detox to finish and encourage anyone to give it a go… it will give you a whole new, colourful perspective on your life.’ Caroline.

‘I’ve tried detoxes previously, cutting out sugar, quitting alcohol, that kind of thing, but never really thinking about what I put in to my body while detoxing – this detox changed that. And I have never, ever considered an emotional declutter. I loved the food on this detox, I loved the other exercises – physical and emotional – and I had some wonderful, transformative moments during the 21 days that made it all so worthwhile and I dropped a few lbs without feeling I was deprived of very much at all. Michaela led the group with warmth and clarity, giving us lots of insight into what we were doing and why. I would thoroughly recommend it.’ Liz.

‘My fear about doing a detox was that I’d feel deprived the whole time. Doing the ‘Whole Detox’ with Michaela was the complete opposite of deprivation – I have never felt so nourished both physically and emotionally. Spending 3 days on each system/colour kept things constantly interesting. I’ve tried and enjoyed foods I’d never even heard of before! The benefits to me have been amazing – as a type 2 diabetic I’ve been delighted to lose weight and inches, and for my blood sugar to be in perfect range for the first time in a long time. In addition to this I have had more energy, moved more, been more creative, had a clearer head, slept better, had less joint pain and felt more confident! I am so grateful to Michaela for all the excellent, well researched information she has shared with the group and for being so available to us with daily support and motivation. I never thought I would say it, but I’m sad the detox has finished! I will definitely be doing this again!’ Claire.

‘Michaela Jezzard’s Whole Detox is A Detox with No Downside! 21 days of delicious food and drink is what Michaela offers! With the added bonuses of losing weight, learning about parts of yourself you didn’t know were holding you back and discovering parts of yourself you had lost touch with. I don’t want to go back to ordinary eating. I have learned too much! Whole Detox taught not only that I am a living, breathing rainbow of energy but how to brighten ALL my colours.’ Janie.