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2503, 2018

Recipe: The Red Smoothie – for a healthy heart

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The red pigments in foods have some wonderful benefits, particularly for the immune system and cardiovascular system. Eating more red foods is great for those concerned with hypertension, heart disease and arterial disease.
So let’s take the science on red phytonutrients and translate that into a delicious recipe that helps address these health concerns in a […]

2503, 2018

Pimp Your Dish with Nutrition Bling

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Here I’m using the word ‘pimp’ in it’s meaning of making something more showy or impressive. It’s no secret that we eat with our eyes, so why not make healthy food look as stunning as the cakes and treats that entice us with their decorative beauty. And if that embellishment ramps up the overall nutrition […]

2103, 2018

Nature’s pigments: health benefits of eating colour

By |March 21st, 2018|12 Steps to re-tune health, Beyond Nutrition, Food as medicine, Phytonutrients, The 7 systems of health, The magic of colour|0 Comments

The term ‘eat the rainbow’ is now well established but do you know exactly why all those different colours matter so much?
The colour pigments that give foods those vibrant colours are incredibly beneficial to health and each has their own properties. Given the great synergy between these compounds a little of each will provide the […]