Michaela Jezzard
Michaela JezzardRegistered Nutritional Therapist

I am a fully qualified Registered Nutritional Therapist, graduating with distinction from the Institute for Nutritional Therapy (ION). I later completed the Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice (AFMCP) training with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) in 2015. After an experience healing an apparently incurable illness I went on a journey to better understand the miracle that had happened and sought out mentors that were pushing the boundaries of health and healing. I studied with Dr Deanna Minich in her 7 Systems of Health to become a Certified Food & Spirit Practitioner in 2016. Then in 2017 I began training with Dr Dietrich Klinghardt to learn his Autonomic Response Testing (ART) technique as well as the best methods to detox heavy metals and deal with complex illness like Lyme Disease and Morgellons. 

As an Oxford University graduate, where I was awarded an academic scholarship at St John’s College, a love of study and research ensures I constantly attend numerous nutrition and health conferences and keep up-to-date with all the latest research, bringing the very best of the latest nutrition science to my clinical work.

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Watch my interview on YouTube explaining my healing miracle.

  • Registered with The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), the professional body for Registered Nutritional Therapists.
  • Registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).
  • Winner of CAM Award 2012 and regular columist for cam magazine now called IHCAN magazine
  • Trained with the Institute for Functional Medicine and use a functional medicine approach in clinic.
  • Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner able to offer mind, body & spirit consultations.
  • Trained in Autonomic Response Testing (ART) by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt
  • Lyme literate practitioner