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2411, 2016

Food as Medicine – Chia Seed

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Chia seed was a food and remedy of the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilisations and is still a major food crop of the indigenous people of Mexico and Guatemala where it is known locally for its medicinal properties. Despite it’s long history, recent research into it’s health benefits has led to it’s new rise in […]

2411, 2016

Food as Medicine

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We are all unique and while one food works miracles in some people, it can have no benefit or even cause problems in others, so how do you know what foods are your medicines?
Knowing which foods to incorporate into your diet for therapeutic effect requires an understanding of what the beneficial compounds do in your […]

1711, 2016

The 7 Systems of Health

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The 7 Systems of Health, as taught by Dr Deanna Minich, takes the best of Nutrition Science and aligns it with traditional ancient wisdom, linking the endocrine systems with aspects of the body, foods, lifestyle and colour.
ROOT is red. ROOT is the adrenals, survival, instinct and being grounded in the physical world. It links to […]