The 7 Systems of Health, as taught by Dr Deanna Minich, takes the best of Nutrition Science and aligns it with traditional ancient wisdom, linking the endocrine systems with aspects of the body, foods, lifestyle and colour.

ROOT is red. ROOT is the adrenals, survival, instinct and being grounded in the physical world. It links to protein, which builds our structure and our immune system to keep us safe. ROOT is minerals building the skeletal structure of our being. ROOT is our ancestry, our DNA, our blood. ROOT is family, community and tribe.

FLOW is orange. FLOW is our reproductive system, fertility, sensuality and creativity. FLOW is the one-to-one relationships we have with others. FLOW is water and hydration and all that flows. The fluidity of our cell membranes and the fats and oils that create them. FLOW is emotions that need to be expressed but can sometimes become trapped and cause blockages.

FIRE is yellow. FIRE is the energy that fuels us. FIRE is carbohydrates, the pancreas, our digestive system, transformation of the food we eat into energy. FIRE is our ego, our relationship with ourself, our place in the world. When we burn our FIRE too fiercely we become depleted and fizzle out. FIRE is stress and too much can make us ill. FIRE is balance, such as work-life balance. FIRE is thoughts and our fire can be put out by negative thinking that deplete our energy and leave us lethargic and lacking motivation.

LOVE is green. LOVE is the heart, compassion, healing and gratitude. LOVE is movement, the cardiovascular system, oxygenation, the breath, the lungs and the lymphatic system. LOVE is green leafy vegetables and phytonutrients. LOVE is food prepared and served with love. LOVE is caring for others but also caring for ourselves. If we learn to love ourselves then we can be our best self for those around us.

TRUTH is aquamarine. TRUTH is the thyroid gland, the mouth and throat. It is how we taste, chew and swallow. TRUTH is how we eat and mindful eating. TRUTH is how we speak our truth, our authenticity and embracing what is unique about ourselves. TRUTH is liquid foods that moisten the throat, the birth canal of our voice. The words we speak are powerful and can affect both ourselves and those around us.

INSIGHT is indigo. INSIGHT is the pituitary gland, the brain, neurons and neurotransmitters. INSIGHT is our intuition, our wisdom and our imagination. INSIGHT is moods, concentration and memory. INSIGHT links to mood-altering foods like spices, caffeine, dark chocolate and blue-purple foods like berries.

SPIRIT is white. SPIRIT is the pineal gland, regulating our bio-rhythms of light and dark, day and night. Our sleep-wake cycle, purification and cleansing. SPIRIT is the non-physical elements affecting our health – sunlight and electromagnetic frequencies. SPIRIT is connection. SPIRIT is having meaning and purpose in life.

By addressing all 7 systems you can truly nourish your whole self through nutrition, emotions, thoughts, movement, authenticity, insight and connection. We are the full spectrum and imbalances in any system can impact on others.