Beyond Nutrition comes Nourishment

We are nourished by so much more than just the food we eat. Good nutrition is fundamental in maintaining a healthy physical body, and to some extent bleeds through into nourishing the non-physical aspects of ourselves, but food alone does not provide all the answers. Movement, oxygenation, sleep, circadian rhythms, stress, emotional health, mindfulness, community and connection as well as many more unseen and unrecognised aspects all play their part in the production that is you!

Rather than separating modern medical science and the ancient healing arts, we should unify them. They each have a role to play in their own right, and sometimes one modality is all that is needed for resolution in some people, but the real power comes in blending them together to heal us on all levels of our being.

The 7 systems of health as taught by Dr Deanna Minch goes beyond the physical body to look at how our symptoms could be linked to our blocked emotions, limiting though patterns and our sense of purpose.