ROOT Re-boot – the foundation of good health!

There’s no better way to start the year than with a deep dive into the ROOT system. Within the 7 Systems of Health, the ROOT system is the foundation of health, and with it’s focus on mineral-rich root vegetables and seasonal red-coloured foods that support the immune system, January is the perfect time of year to focus on your ROOT system.

If you’re new to the 7 Systems – read the summary here: The 7 Systems of Health

ROOT is the adrenals, survival, instinct and being grounded in the physical world. This is how we are able to respond to stress and adapt to our environment. Given the time of year, adrenal depletion as a result of stress is common. ROOT focuses on protein, which builds our structure and our immune system to keep us safe. ROOT is minerals building the skeletal structure of our being as well as healthy hair, skin and nails, and the many mineral co-factors needed to carry out enzymatic processes in the body. ROOT is our ancestry, our DNA, our blood. In ROOT we look at epigenetics – the way our diet and lifestyle choices activate and deactivate our genetic expression. ROOT is family, community and tribe, and so we look at the new science of sociogenomics – the power of social networks to influence health.

With the ROOT system the focus is very much on the physical body, tuning in to our symptoms, looking at the minerals and proteins that build our structure, supporting the immune system to defend us and keep us safe from infections, and there is a real focus on food.

ROOT system themes include:

  • Bone and the skeletal system
  • Muscle
  • Skin
  • Adrenal health and balancing adrenal hormones like cortisol
  • Supporting the immune system and reducing inflammation
  • DNA, genetics and epigenetics

To support our ROOT we look at both providing the body with all it needs for optimal health, and also removing things that are detrimental to our health.

To support our bones, muscles, skin, hair, immune system and adrenals:

  • protein
  • minerals
  • fat-soluble vitamins
  • red-coloured phytonutrients
  • immune-modulating nutrients
  • anti-inflammatory foods
  • stabilising blood sugar levels
  • lifestyle hacks

Factors we will be looking to identify and remove:

  • foods that trigger an immune response
  • toxic metals
  • factors affecting absorption of nutrients
  • things that are burdening our immune system
  • stressors that are depleting our adrenals
  • dietary habits that are leading to blood sugar imbalance
  • causes of inflammation

Why January is the perfect time to rebalance the ROOT system

January is the start of the year and the perfect time to take a deep look at the foundation of our health – the ROOT system. Mineral-rich root vegetables and red-coloured foods like pomegranates and cranberries are seasonal and abundant at this time of the year. Winter is also a time when our immune system needs some extra support. With the shorter days and the sun lower in the sky this is also a time when we don’t get any natural vitamin D, which is a really important nutrient for bone health and a strong immune system.

New for 2018 – ROOT Workbook

A structured workbook for you to fill in and personalise your journey as you go through the programme, to consolidate the information that is most relevant to you and be able to track your progress.

Mineral and toxic metal testings

New Oligoscan test. Of the various metal tests available (hair mineral analysis, urine challenge tests, metal allergy testing), the oligoscan is the only one that reliably identifies aluminium. As aluminium is a major risk factor for neurological illness including Alzheimer’s this is a really important metal to keep track of. This non-invasive test uses photospectrometry to measure levels of minerals and metals in the tissue. Many minerals and metals are stored in tissue and not blood, so blood tests don’t always pick up the problems. £25 discount on the oligoscan test available for those on this course (usual cost is £90).

Are you new to the ROOT system?

To see how ROOT fits into the 7 Systems of Health see here:

To see how ROOT is further divided into the subsystems of Bone and Adrenals see here:

Programme outline:

Week 1 

Day 1: Body Awareness

Tuning into the messages your body is giving you. How to read your symptoms. Connecting to your body’s needs and nutrient requirements. Acknowledging how different foods affect your body to be able to better adapt and adjust your eating to best suit your goals.

Day 2: Root vegetables and red foods

Root vegetables as a good source of minerals. How red foods rebalance specific areas of your body. Phytonutrients in red foods such as lycopene, ellagic acid, anthocyanins and also vitamin C, which foods they are found in and how they support your health. How our like/dislike and use of the colour red in our homes, clothing and accessories is connected to ROOT health issues.

Day 3: Minerals & Heavy metals

The most common mineral deficiencies and the best food sources for each. Symptoms to watch for that indicate mineral deficiencies. Why certain minerals need to be in the correct ratios. What the most problematic toxic metals are. Symptoms of metal toxicity. How to tell if heavy metals may be causing or worsening your symptoms. Where the toxic metals come from and how to avoid them. How to test for toxic metals and how to get them out of our body safely. A discount code for mineral and metal testing worth £25.

Day 4: Bone health and collagen

The overlooked nutrients needed for bone health. How teeth are a window to bone health. The important role of vitamin D, vitamin A and vitamin K2 in making strong bone. How to prevent or reverse osteoporosis and osteopenia.

Day 5: Skin health & boundaries

What your skin is telling you about your health. Tips to achieve healthy skin. How healthy boundaries impact our health.

Day 6: Immune system & inflammation

How to strengthen your immune system to fight infections. How to calm down an over-reactive immune system that is reacting to the wrong things. The latest thinking on autoimmunity. How to adapt your diet to reduce inflammation.

Day 7: DNA & genetics

How our family history gives us clues of our disease risks. The genes that determine how well we detox. How events in our life can turn genes off and on. How we can use nutrients and lifestyle hacks to switch on the genes we want activated for good health.

Week 2 

Day 8: Protein and blood sugar balance

Why protein is so important. How much protein you need to eat. The best sources of protein. The best time to eat proteins. How to ensure you digest and absorb proteins properly. Does blood type affect protein requirements?

Day 9: Adrenal health and the stress hormones

What are the adrenal hormones and how do they regulate other systems. Why cortisol is the master hormone that overrules all the others. How cortisol imbalance affects so many health conditions including sleep disorders, digestive disorders, weight gain around the middle and fatigue. The adrenal hormone aldosterone and how it controls blood pressure. How to recharge your adrenals. The nutrients that are depleted fast during stress and why you need to increase your intake of these at times of stress.

Day 10: Weight control and fat around the middle

Why we put on or loose weight – the anabolic and catabolic states. Why weight won’t always shift with diet and exercise. The commonly overlooked factors that need to be addressed for successful weight loss. Why losing weight too fast can be dangerous. Why toxins prevent weight loss.

Day 11: Food addictions and cravings

What does it mean when we crave certain foods? How the bacteria in our guts control our eating behaviour. How to break food addictions. Some of the unknown causes of eating disorders.

Day 12: Food sensitivities

What is a food sensitivity? What’s the difference between allergies, intolerances and food sensitivities? How you become sensitive to foods. Can you reverse food sensitivity? The difference between primary and secondary food sensitivities. The best ways to test for food sensitivity.

Day 13: Sociogenomics

The latest science on the role of social networks, community and family on your health. How social networks change our genetics. The health benefits of being part of a community. How social isolation suppresses the immune system, how toxic networks create stress and how healthy communities have a powerful effect on health.

Day 14: Grounding

The science on grounding and how it reduces inflammation. The many health problems associated with a disconnection from the Earth. How to get grounded.

What’s included

  • 14 days focusing on the ROOT system in 14 guided steps
  • A new topic each day emailed to you, with daily things for you to consider and note in your workbook.
  • A workbook to take you through your ROOT journey, to help you personalise your experience, keep track of what you’ve learnt in a way that applies to you and track progress.
  • Daily themes posted on a closed facebook group for further discussion and interaction and an opportunity to go deeper on each daily topic
  • 3 meetings on Day Zero, Day 7 and Day 14 to take part in group activities to help you better understand the ROOT themes.
  • Recipe ideas to help rebalance areas that are needing extra support.
  • £25 discount on mineral and metal test
  • Support along the way and an opportunity to ask questions

What you’ll learn

  • How to do an elimination-challenge diet – the Gold Standard test for food sensitivity and which foods would be most helpful to avoid for your circumstances.
  • Learn how to use the Bi-digital O-ring test, developed by Dr Omura – an energy medicine technique to test for food sensitivities, the only energy medicine test to have achieved a US patent.
  • How to identify specific mineral deficiencies and how to correct them.
  • How to ensure you get sufficient minerals in your diet and to also maximise your digestion and absorption of them.
  • How to check in with your body and work with it to optimise your health.
  • Diet and lifestyle tips to support strong bone, healthy adrenals and an efficient immune system.


Sat 13th Jan – venue The Lansdowne Hotel, Eastbourne, 4pm-6pm

(Please note: this first date has changed from Sunday to Saturday to allow a day to prepare and do any food shopping needed before the Monday start)

  • Run through of the themes for week 1
  • Toxin exposure quiz to identify which toxins you are most affected by
  • Mineral taste testing – check your current levels of 8 different minerals (it is best to not eat or drink anything before doing this)
  • How to do an elimination-challenge diet over the next 2 weeks
  • Exercises that help support bone health
  • Red foods to try out

Day 1 is Monday 15th January

Sun 21st Jan – venue The Lansdowne Hotel, Eastbourne, 4pm-6pm

  • The laddering technique as taught to me by Dr Deanna Minich to understand addictions and food cravings
  • Food sensitivity testing – I will teach you how to use the bi-digital O-ring Test to identify food sensitivities – this test was developed by Dr Omura and is the only energy medicine test that has achieved a US patent, meaning it was able to provide accurate reproducible results. You can then use this to test your friends and family.
  • Simple techniques to help rebalance your adrenals and calm yourself when you have an inappropriate stress response.
  • Learn the Tap and Tone technique as taught to me by Dr Dietrich Klinghardt as part of his mental field therapy
  • Some grounding technology to try out.

Sun 28th Jan – venue The Lansdowne Hotel, Eastbourne, 4pm-6pm

  • The final day – Day 14
  • Summary of the whole programme
  • How to re-introduce foods if you did the elimination-challenge diet
  • How to personalise the information learned to create positive changes in your life
  • Q & A


Programme – £57

Discount if you’ve done a course previously – £47*

Discount if you’ve done 2 courses previously – £37*

Online only programme – £47

*email me for a discount code at