The 12 Steps to Re-tune your Health

In my quest to understand a health miracle, I began to look beyond just nutrition and became really interested in all the other factors that played a role in health. My research sparked a real interest in frequency medicine – the use of certain frequencies and how they interacted with certain part of our body.
My […]

Excessive brain aluminium in Autism and Alzheimer’s – how is it getting there?

There’s been quite a buzz around a new study that found extremely high levels of aluminium in the brains of donors diagnosed with autism. This was the first time aluminium has been measured in brain tissue in autism. The study was carried out by Professor Exley’s team at Keele University, who earlier this year also […]

Electrosmog – the great big elephant in the room

There’s no denying that chronic illness is on the rise, and in particular neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s, MS, ALS, Parkinsons Disease, Autism, and also ME/CFS, Lyme Disease and Autoimmune disorders.(1-3) While genetics, heavy metals, pathogens and other environmental toxins all play a role, there’s one huge invisible piece of the puzzle that seems to be […]

Are we beings of vibrational colour and sound?

Back in 2013 something amazing happened to me, I managed to cure something in myself that was thought to be incurable. Ever since I’ve been striving for an understanding of how that happened so it could be applied to all kinds of situations. I was introduced to the 7 Systems of Health by an inspirational […]

The fourth brain changes how we look at brain health

We think of our brain as the command centre for thoughts, behaviours and actions, but what if we actually had four distinct brains and these functions are the combined result of all four?
Sounds crazy, but this fourth brain is a game changer in how we address neurological illness. To get some context, let’s quickly […]

How I Cured the Impossible

This really happened. I hadn’t shared my story beyond a few trusted friends before as it seemed too unbelievable and I didn’t really know how I pulled off such a miracle. I’m closer to understanding how it worked now, so here is my story…
March 2013 I was rushed into hospital with a pain in excess […]

Does the size and colour of your plate affect how much you eat?

We make a lot of eating decisions subconsciously and when it comes to portion control and food intake, it seems size, design and colour really can make a difference. This is based on a little trick known as the Delboeuf illusion which affects how much food we serve ourselves and how much we think we’ve […]

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Food as Medicine – Chia Seed

Chia seed was a food and remedy of the ancient Aztec and Mayan civilisations and is still a major food crop of the indigenous people of Mexico and Guatemala where it is known locally for its medicinal properties. Despite it’s long history, recent research into it’s health benefits has led to it’s new rise in […]

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Food as Medicine

We are all unique and while one food works miracles in some people, it can have no benefit or even cause problems in others, so how do you know what foods are your medicines?
Knowing which foods to incorporate into your diet for therapeutic effect requires an understanding of what the beneficial compounds do in your […]

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The 7 Systems of Health

The 7 Systems of Health, as taught by Dr Deanna Minich, takes the best of Nutrition Science and aligns it with traditional ancient wisdom, linking the endocrine systems with aspects of the body, foods, lifestyle and colour.
ROOT is red. ROOT is the adrenals, survival, instinct and being grounded in the physical world. It links to […]

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