The 7 systems of health

2103, 2018

Nature’s pigments: health benefits of eating colour

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The term ‘eat the rainbow’ is now well established but do you know exactly why all those different colours matter so much?
The colour pigments that give foods those vibrant colours are incredibly beneficial to health and each has their own properties. Given the great synergy between these compounds a little of each will provide the […]

1811, 2017

Are we beings of vibrational colour and sound?

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Back in 2013 something amazing happened to me, I managed to cure something in myself that was thought to be incurable. Ever since I’ve been striving for an understanding of how that happened so it could be applied to all kinds of situations. I was introduced to the 7 Systems of Health by an inspirational […]

1912, 2016

How I Cured the Impossible

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This really happened. I hadn’t shared my story beyond a few trusted friends before as it seemed too unbelievable and I didn’t really know how I pulled off such a miracle. I’m closer to understanding how it worked now, so here is my story…
March 2013 I was rushed into hospital with a pain in excess […]

1711, 2016

The 7 Systems of Health

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The 7 Systems of Health, as taught by Dr Deanna Minich, takes the best of Nutrition Science and aligns it with traditional ancient wisdom, linking the endocrine systems with aspects of the body, foods, lifestyle and colour.
ROOT is red. ROOT is the adrenals, survival, instinct and being grounded in the physical world. It links to […]